Our Reliable Approach to Learning the English Language

Our Reliable Approach to Learning the English Language

Our Motivation

The motivation to establish a language school is based on the desire of Director Dr. Roxan Richards. He wanted to develop a learning institution that incorporates a world-class language education with the unique Jamaican cultural experience.

Jamaica attracts millions of tourists to the island yearly, mostly due to its unique culture and tropical environment. Tourists primarily seek vacation in Jamaica because of the following:

  • A Year-Round Tropical Climate
  • White-Sand Beaches
  • A Laid-Back and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Numerous Well-Known Tourist Attractions Including Dunn’s River Falls
  • Iconic Cultural Figures Like Bob Marley
  • The Indigenous Music of the Island, Reggae


Our vision is to provide excellence in English Language training through uncompromising adherence to quality, unparalleled customer services, and exciting extracurricular entertainment. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique social environment by fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity.


Our mission is to provide top-quality English language instruction to individuals from around the world who need to learn English for general, social, or academic purposes. We are committed to excellence at every step in the development and delivery of our English language training programs.

Our Teaching Method

The Jamaica Language School method employs a unique approach to language training. Our highly conversational method is designed to give our students the skills necessary for practicing social and professional English communication. And unlike less effective ways of language training, our method is structured to quickly bring students towards fluency.

Because we believe that speaking is the quickest route to fluency, the Jamaica Language School method emphasizes not only understanding the target language but also speaking it. Our conversational approach enables the students to practice English in a realistic way.

By communicating with a fluent English speaker about interesting topics, the student gains the ability to react to and speak English naturally in everyday environments such as the grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant, airport, and more. This immersion will prepare you better than CD programs because it lets you interact with speakers of the English language in the real world.

Our classrooms are highly interactive. You are invited to ask questions. This allows you to experiment with the structure of English and enables you to be creative and use language in new and interesting ways. We encourage active participation and spontaneous production language from our students.

At Jamaica Language School, we incorporate a world class in depth academic curriculum in a way that is memorable and practical.

Our principle is to learn by doing rather than to learn by analyzing. Knowing how to drive a car does not require knowing how the engine works. Similarly, knowing how a language works is not the same as being able to speak it.

At Jamaica Language School, we believe that using examples is the best way to communicate and intuitively use the rules of English grammar without getting lost in describing those rules. Our language trainers avoid heavy theoretical explanations and keep grammatical analysis to a minimum because students may tend to “tune out” when learning grammatical rules.

At Jamaica Language School, we emphasize the use of English grammar and simplify those rules for you. Our language trainers incorporate thorough grammatical analysis when teaching. We incorporate a rigorous language training program that is simplified by our interactive and pragmatic approach.